Abraham Black

Name: Abraham Black (NPC)

Posts Held: Arithmancy Teacher

Blood Status: Pure-Blood

House When Attending Hogwarts: Slytherin

Physical Characteristics: A tall, pale man with short, jet black hair and eyes to match. He wears black work robes, black work boots and has a silver stud in his right ear.

Personality: A cold, calculating, patient, shrewd man; the only thing he hates worse than a student is a bad wizard gone good. From the Noble House of Black, he subscribes to the Family Motto. "Toujours Pur" He keeps his personal opinions close to his chest and puts up a good front in order to ensure his place at Hogwarts, waiting for the right time to aid in the destabilization of the current staff.

Quidditch: Slytherin Keeper - years 6 & 7