The Attribute Ratings are based on the scale below:

1: Fairly Weak
2: Just about average
3: A bit above average
4: Practiced
5: Exceptional

Strength: The measure of literally how strong your character is.
- Lifting, Pulling, Punching, Pushing, Etc.
Quickness: The stat for innate reation and dexerity.
- Acrobatics, Gymnastics, Quidditch, Etc.
Speed: The indication of how fast you can move and intentionally react.
- Running, Physical Obsticles, Quidditch, Etc.
Intelligence: How smart your character is.
- All Academic Fields
Stamina: This is how tough and healthy you are. How much stamina you have.
- Disease resistance, pain tolerance, Etc.
Wits: The measure of your mental sharpness and reaction time.
- Mental Reaction
Charisma: Your panche. How socially adapt you are.
- Garnering attention (intentional and not), Etc.
Manipulation: Is the umbrella for how well you connive and convince.
- Lying, Convincing, Coniving, Etc.

Appearance: Fairly self explainitory.

  • Appearance is the only Attribute that has its own ratings scale.

0: ONLY possible to have 0 Appearance with a proper BG and Staff permission
1: Below Average
2: Average attractiveness
3: Handsome/Pretty, might have a striking feature
4: Visually striking. Fashion Models have this rating
5: Jaw-dropping, stunning, and remarkable beauty