Autumn Summers

Age: 13

House: Gryffindor

Year: 3

Mother: Julianna
(RAF Medic NPC)
Father: Rowan
(RAF Pilot NPC)
Sister: Anna
Sister: Agathe
(Nurse NPC)

Blood Status
Muggle Born

Favorite Classes: Transfiguration and Herbology

Least Favorite Classes: Defense Against the Dark Arts and Potions

Autumn Summers stands around 4'7" in height- but still growing. Her pale oval face is framed by curly reddish-brown hair that falls to around mid-back. Though she's tried just about every spell in the book to straighten it, it always seems to bounce back that way. When she's in a particualrly intense mood she piles it all on top of her head- held together precariously with quills or whatever else she can get her hands on. Her eyes are a deep blueish-gray and framed by long eyelashes. In her ears are a pair of small silver hooped earrings- something she rarely removes.
When she's not at Hogwarts, her favorite thing to wear is a T-shirt, grubby jeans and a pair of flip-flops. It's taken some time to get used to wearing such proper (and girlish) clothes.

Known For:
Falling off her broom the first day of Flying Class (and just about every other time she's attempted to fly on the damn thing).

Pulling her writing utensils out of her hair.

Wearing a bookbag that seems to carry everything she owns (and then some).

Spending an enormous time in the library reading up on every magical subject she can get her hands on.

Short attention span.

Having a broad variety of friends. She eats and hangs out with more people outside of her house than in.

The Gossip Mill:
In her first year Autumn was one of the last people (in her own house anyway) to figure out how to fly a broom. Eventually she mastered it.

Apparently, Autumn won in her very her first duel in first year against Morlok. It was just barely so however, as they were evenly matched.

Soon after first year ended she lost the usual 'cliquish' Gryffindor attitude and made fast friends with a number of people from other houses. By mid-second she was no long exclusively sitting at the Gryffindor table to eat meals.

In second year she and Ria were seen helping out the Care of Magical Creature professor on a weekly basis. Extra credit for a class they hadn't started yet?

The Story So Far:

Autumn Summers was born (naturally) on September 22, 1981- the first day of autumn. She was born on a RAF base outside of Wiltshire (Midlands UK). Her mother is a Medical Officer and her father is a pilot. She has two older sisters named Anna and Agathe, 11 and 10 the year she was born. Her sisters practically raised her as their parents were largely absent from her day to day life. Workaholics would be an understatement, and it wasn't until her sisters went off to University that she would get to know ether of them.

Her parents' jobs did a good job of uprooting the family on a regular basis, so Autumn and her sisters were and are incredibly closeknit. There is however, a great deal of deepseeded resentment from the older girls to the younger as much of their free time when they were teenagers was spent taking care of their little sister. When Autumn was 6, the girls were tired of having a tag-along to each and every thing they did, so they dropped her off at the local Youth Football Club so she could run off all of her excess energy in a supervised manner (that and the practices were at least 2 hours long- enough time for a what felt to them to be a mini-holiday).

She may have been small, but she was very fast. In fact, there was a time or two when she was so fast that when her teammates were stuggiling to make it to one side of the field, she was already there, waiting very impatiently. The coaches noticed, but they were baffled what to do about it. They couldn't exactly bench her for 'odd' behavor. By the time she was 9, martial arts and field hockey were added to her weekly list of out of school activities. AShe longed for her fellow team-mates to be turned into real friends, but after the games or practices the emptiness always returned. Or, if she did finally found that one person she cared for, it was only a matter of time before her parents announced they would be moving again.

Other than sports, Autumn was determined to be a stand out student. One of her parents biggest rules was that if any of the three girl's grades dropped, they would lose all outside priviledges. There was little chance to inforce the rule for the older girls, but Autumn was watched like a hawk. So, she simply put as much effort into studying as she did playing. There were very few nights that she didn't drop into bed exausted from practice and get up at 5 or 6 in the morning to finish her homework. It would have never have worked- especally for a girl her age, if she wasn't as self motivated as she was.

By the time she was 11, her sisters were long settled into University life and she was just starting to get used to actually having parents. Losing their built-in babysitters had forced her parents to actually start acting like parents and cut back their hours to be home for the little things- like family dinners and Autumn's weekend matches. It was all too short lived, however. Both found out that they were being sent for an undetermined amount of time to Cyprus and arrangements were made for Autumn to be sent to a boarding school. The idea both excited and terrified the 11 year old. For one thing, she would be in a place where she'd actually stay for at least 7 years. Though on the same hand, she would be farther away from her family then she had ever been before. Her family had been the one constant in her life, and now… she'd have to create a new family.

Matters got even more complicated when just before she was set to go off to school. Autumn had been sitting on the front stairs of their house, getting ready to go to one of her final games before she left it all behind for good. Then, suddenly, a black and white owl came swooping by with a letter. A letter addressed solely for Autumn.

That's when it all changed, and Autumn suddenly realized that she was destined for far, far greater things than a football pitch.

First Year… summarized

Autumn was sorted into Gryffindor. She discovered that she was rubbish at Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts- two classes she didn't like from the moment she set foot into them. At one point mid-year she walked out of a DADA class because she couldn't stand the treatment of the Pixies they were supposed to be practising on.
In sharp contrast her strengths lay in Charms and Transfiguration, despite her disagreement with the Charm's Professor's teaching style. Somehow she made it through the year without walking out of that class too. Her first Flying lessons were a disaster, but by the end of the year she recovered.
She made friends first with Vetiver and spent the holidays with her family while her own was busy. She learned a great deal on how to cross the 'Gryffindor' versus the rest of the school barrier. She asked Michael to the Sadie Hawkins Dance and beat Morlok in her first duel, discovering that she could both like a boy and feel the need to beat him up at the very same time. Isn't prepubescence awesome? At the very end of the year she became friends with Emerson, giving him one of her Pufferpod seeds to grow for himself. She's determined to see him break out of his shell and considers him to be a worthy project for the coming years.

Between First and Third… summarized

In the middle of her First-Year summer break, Autumn's parents returned from Cyprus and she spent the rest of the summer packing up the house. This move wasn't nearly as bad at the rest, now that Autumn was at Hogwarts she was in a more stable 'home' environment than she ever had been. This time they moved to Northolt in London, and her parents took on a small flat in the city for the three of them- no more base living. For the first time Diagon Alley actually became a place she could spend a great deal of time at.
Oh, and Autumn got a spotted owl she called Speck.

… More to Come