Name: Cassiopeia Hunter Ossuaire


Isabel (Hunter) Ossuaire - mother (socialite, volunteer)
Reginald Hunter - father (Herbologist)
William and Lawrence Ossuaire - older twin brothers (Hogwarts graduates: Gryffindor)

Various Ossuaire and Hunter relatives.

Blood Status: Pure-Blood

House: Hufflepuff

Year: 1

Long curls of darkest brown cascade down to frame a pale, young face that looks, almost reproachfully, from beneath the waves of inky chocolate. Parted in the middle and curling in pretty, slightly tangled masses to mid chest, the young girl’s hair seems to have little style to it. Despite the youthful look about her – she couldn’t be more than nine or ten, judging by her slight build and height – her eyes, a vivid shade of blue-gray that borders on violet, are piercingly intent.

Public Background:
Cassiopeia is a reluctant Hufflepuff, and some may be aware that she was rather expecting to wear green and silver after her Sorting. She does, however, hold to house loyalty despite not particularly feeling like she fits in. She seems well-read, prone to using a wider vocabulary than might befit a first year, and determined to be the best at everything she puts her hands to. Her Potions book is well-loved already, and none of her textbooks are in pristine condition due to her own repeated readings. She is somewhat withdrawn, dislikes physical attention, and does not smile or laugh often - when she does, her face lights up surprisingly. Cassopeia can seem rather socially awkward, and is often uncomfortable.

Her mother is rather a socialite, volunteering and being active in the local wizarding world. Her father is a Herbologist in some capacity that Cassiopeia generally pleads unawareness of. Her older twin brothers are in the weird space between graduating Hogwarts and careers. Her family originally comes from France and while her parents and brothers are Hogwarts graduates, as well as numerous other relatives, most of the Ossuaire family has attended Beauxbatons for generations.

The Story So Far:
Despite plans to the contrary, Cassiopeia was sorted into Hufflepuff. She has thus far been a rather quiet presence, nose constantly in a book or working diligently and mostly on her own when company can be avoided. Recently, she has begun making acquaintances and actually seeking people out for company, though she's still not overly friendly with anyone yet.

Rumour Mill:
Cassiopeia attended the Sock Hop with Luke, another Hufflepuff.
She seems to often be in the company of Lucien, the charming Slytherin.
Most recently, she's had some words with Grant, Slytherin with a less than charming reputation.