In-Game commands and how to use them. Examples and commands are in <angle brackets>.

ooc: Out of Character Global Channel <ooc Hello!>
osay: OOC In Room Channel <osay Hello!>
tell: Private 2 Person Channel. <tell Don Hello!>
request: Storyteller Contact Cannel. <request Could I have some help?>
housechat: OOC Channel, House access only. <house Hello!>

news: In Game News Updates. <news>
who: Shows Who's Online. <who>
where: Shows Where People Are RPing <where>
motd: Message of the Day: announcements, class schedule, etc. <motd>

commands: List of All Commands Available to You. <commands>
wizlist: List of Current Staff <wizlist>
toggle: On/Off Features for Channels, Page Length, Etc.
alias: Alias System. Type Alias for Usage.

typo/bug: In Game Note System for Reporting Typoes and Bugs