Name: Cullaine McAuiffe

Blood Status: Pure-Blood

House: Slytherin


Tomas McAuiffe (Healer, St. Mungos)
Eiryn McAuiffe (Healer, St. Mungos)

Year: First

Background: An Irish family, renowned for it's prediliction to Pure-Blooded couplings, and Medical Mages. A McAuiffe has been a Healer in every generation dating back centuries. An affluent family, with an estate in County Cork, they're more apt to travel by port-key than broom (mainly due to inclement Irish weather). It has been, however, several generations since any significant breakthrough by a McAuiffe, and a certain amount of pressure rides already on Cullaine's slight shoulders.

The Story, So Far,

Hogwarts, Year One: Sorted into Slytherin House, he has managed to avoid any direct part (mostly) in trouble, though it has happened around him. He seems to be a somewhat regular target for House Points deductions from Professor Draconus, the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher (though far less than a few in his house). His efforts in classes so far are Acceptable, but no talents really stand out yet. He is however, sportwise, what most would call an "indoors kid."