Devils Snare

Herbology Homework —- CONTEST WRAP UP!

Write a clever poem or story about Devil's Snare.

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Entry 1

There's fewer plants you should beware
Than that of one called Devil's Snare.
If you are near it, don't be tricked!
If you should touch it, it will constrict
and strangle you with all its vines
which are soft, no thorns or spines.
Of course, you should be still as you can
for Devil's Snare is like quicksand.
The more try to get away
your chances to see another day
will dwindle out into the night
unless, of course, you find a light!
For heat and light it cannot take,
so if there is a chance to make
one or the other, or better yet both,
you must do so, or else you're toast.
So listen well and listen now
for one day you might need to know how
to keep yourself self from a scare
of a run-in with the Devil's Snare!

Entry 2

In a forest dark and damp,
You are sure to find this plant.
It is not here for us to have fun,
If you have no access to fire, you best run.
Devil’s Snare, it is here,
To wrap you, to bind you,
To keep you near

Entry 3

Devil's snare, Devil's Snare,
If it's about, best be aware.

It looks like another, beware psuedo-flitterbloom,
Not so innocuous, it's synonym is doom.

It will kill you quick, but your corpse it will never mangle,
It won't slice or dice, it prefers to strangle.

So, if it starts to grab you, and you find yourself in duress,
The harder that you struggle, the harder it'll press.

A threat to camping, it will kill any outdoors fun
But remember this plant is afraid of the sun.

So, when the tentacles close in, and you feel defeat
Torn on a torch, for either the light or the heat.

Entry 4

Devil's snare, no fire,
Hiding in damp and darkness,
Afraid of the light.

Feeds off of the warmth,
deadly grasp for those it caught,
releases the clever.

Entry 5

Since it does love the dark,
but does not fear the art,
Transfiguration or charms,
will cause it real harm.

It hides from your sight,
for it hates the light,
but to cause it pain,
you should use some flame.

There is no time for thought,
if you happen to get caught.
And try not to sweat,
it loves the damp and wet.

Lumos, incendio,
they are quite the duo,
Or use fervens aer,
against devil's snare.

Entry 6

A wizard was walking though a deep and dark forest one summer's eve. He had roamed this forest many times since his youth, and was quick to tell everyone that he alone knew it's secrets. So, on this day when he found himself stumbiling upon the roots of a massive vine that he had never seen before, the wizard didn't know what to do. It quickly became clear that this vine was something of a monster. With each struggled he became even more entangled, until even his cries for help were silenced.

Along this same path, at nearly the same time was the Caretaker of the forest- a Hag whole had lived her entire life among the trees. She came across this pitiful scene just as it was ending. The strange plant was very close to having completely strangled the man who was by then, unconscious. With some quick and clever thinking, the Hag produced a spell that caused the plant to unfurl and let the man go. Quickly, the Hag took the wizard to where she lived and stayed with him until he regained his senses.

When the man awoke, he found himself lying in the middle of a dirty little room with a wild looking witch looming over him. The man had no gratitude towards the woman who had saved him, and in fact was very quick to insult her and her home. Seeing that the man was well enough to leave, the Hag showed him the door and bid him a safe journey on his way. Of course, the wizard was very careful to look out for such a plant on his subsequental journeys.

Some time later, the man married and lived very happily on the outskirts of the forest. He had a daughter who like her father loved to roam the woods whenever she could. She had been warned many times about the dangers of the forest, but she had also inherited a nature of carelessness and self-pride from her father. One one of her walks, she too stumbled upon the root. As before, the Hag was there to quickly save the child. But this time, seeing that she was kin to the wizard who had no gratitude towards her so many years ago, she decided to not to let the girl go as easily as she had her father.

Her parents were frantic with worry about her missing. The wizard and his wife found their daughter's cloak, still ensnared in the vines when they searched the forest for her. They located the Hag's house and asked if she had seen the girl. The Hag laughed in delight, pleased to see that the foolhearty wizard did have some compassion for something other than himself. She had indeed seen the girl, and knew where she was. However, in order to get his daughter back, he gave the man a riddle to solve:

"In twists and tangles, I grow well within the darkness of your nightmares. I have but one weakness, one glimmer of light to wake you up from your dreams."

The man, outraged that the Hag would be holding back any information about his daughter refused to answer or even guess. The man charged off and attacked what he knew would hurt the Hag the most- her forest. Trees fell and birds stopped singing with each spell he threw. So unconcered, he didn't realize that once again, he became tangled when he took a wrong step. The Hag allowed the child to grow free as she mourned for the Man's selfishness and for the lost of her beloved forest.

The child, who had been listening cried out as her father slowly suffocated in the tangles. His final reward for his anger and cruelty, "Father! It is the light of a fire that defeats the Devil's Snare." It was just then that the Hag threw a burning tree branch at the mass of tangles, saving the man for a second and final time. She ordered the man and his family to never enter the forest again and for the girl to tell her children, and her children's children and throughout all the future generations this story.

It will grow well within the darkness of their nightmares, until finally the glimmer of light that is knowledge reappears.