Name: Edward Borage

Age: 11

Year: First

House: Gryffindor

Father: Angus Borage (Hufflepuff), Administrative Worker in Ministry

Mother: Arabella Borage (Gryffindor), Department of International Magical Office of Law,

Siblings: Annette, Sister

Description: Edward is a stands a mere four foot seven inches tall. He has blond locks but does not go to the extreme of having get his hair like a girls but larger than most. He has a pair of piercing blue eyes that sit above his nose, which comes down the middle of his face. His mouth is not that large but it is proportionate to his face region. His body is somewhat muscular for a 10-year-old boy. His feet are just as proportionate to his body just like everything else.

Story So Far: Edward was born into a family of magic being of a pure blood descendant living in the northern part of London near the outskirts where they is some space where they would not be disturb all that much. While his father being an administrative worker for the ministry, and his mother working in the department of International Magical Office of Law. His life, as he knew it was just like any other. When he would be misbehaving, he would be sent to his room for the night. He would stick up for younger kids who were being bullied. He also would try to set an example for Annette, his younger sister. His mother and father always tried to set their children to have a positive outlook on life and on magic.

One of the things that Edward would like to do is play with his broomstick when his parents would let him. He would imagine that he was trying to catch the snitch for the Norse team, or being a keeper while his dad would toss a quaffle at him to catch. A subject of school that he excels in is history of different societies. For being a curious mind, he has even stumbled upon some muggle history, and he like the story of Arthur and his knights of the round table. One thing that he dislikes is when he sees a bigger kid is bullying another kid. He prides himself on his deductive reasoning and his wit. He tries to the right thing when he can and limit the time that he spends in his room or in detention.

When at the age where witches and wizards start to get their powers/ abilities Edward found out about his gift when a boy was pushing another boy around, but that is all that Edward knows of this. What actually happen was when he blackout was the bully was turned upside down by his feet and went straight as a board, while the another kid ran for safety.