Name: Emelissa Smith

Blood: Muggle-Born

Background: Emelissa didn't know anything about magic until she received a letter inviting her to hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. She is the first person with magical blood in her family and was really surprised when she first find out she was a witch but she has since adjusted to the situation.

Story So Far: Emelissa has had a bit of trouble settling in, she still trying to get sed to magic and hasn't been able to cast any very good spells yet, but she is determined to work hard and improve. She has made a few friends both inside and out her house, she didn't like the slytherin house mates initially becuase she had heard bad things about them but she has since met some quite nice Slytherin students, in paticular Linduin Firriat who asked her to the dance to her surprise, she decided to accept and enjoyed herself very much at the dance with him, she dosen't know where here relationship with him will go from here, since she is still confused by her feelings for him but she does know she likes him a lot. She also has some friends within her own house such as caim and aya. She used to be friends with arc as well but she has since had a falling out with him after how rude he was to caim at the dance.