Emerson Bramblewood

Emerson Bramblewood

Age: 12

House: Ravenclaw

Year: First

Family: Half-blood

Mother: Jessamine Heatherdale Bramblewood (Hogwarts Hufflepuff graduate and Herbologist of some note, with several publications on historical magical uses of various nondescript "muggle plants")

Father: Edmund Bramblewood (muggle carpenter)

The slight, scrawny figure before you could most easily be described as
awkwardness personified. This rather unremarkable youth is obviously a late bloomer, looking quite young and out of place among the other students, smaller in both height and overall frame. His physique is rather meager, the most prominent aspects of his build being his bony shoulders and collarbones, which protrude prominently from his sinewy frame. He stands nearly half a head shorter than the average student, his head crowned wit h a rather unkempt, flyaway mop of mousy brown hair. His eyes, however, are rather noteable, vibrant twin pools of a piercing, yet soft, moss-colored hue, though their intensity is often diminished by his frequent squinting glance, the pale, freckled bridge of his nose crinkling in curious unison.

Known For:
Emerson displays a high degree of social anxiety, and is often quite fidgety and awkward in interactions with others, commonly using homework as an excuse to duck out when he is feeling particularly uncomfortable. He is quite the daydreamer, and often seems lost in thought, which adds to his usual clumsiness. His smaller size than many other first years makes him stand out somewhat, his apparent frailness augmented by his asthma, for which he carries an inhaler, a rather embarrassing necessity. When he speaks, Emerson often has a bit of a stutter, which increases in intensity when he is especially nervous or excited.

The Gossip Mill:
Emerson hasn't really to date garnered any degree of attention or notoriety to warrant any gossip, aside from the usual designation of "You know, that odd Ravenclaw boy with the inhaler."

The Story So Far: