Emmalina Reynolds
House: Slytherin
Age: 12
Origins: Northern Ireland

Remarkable Characteristics
Striking Irish (Pikey) Accent

Popular Opinion
Emotionally Withdrawn
Socially Awkward

Description: No more than maybe ten or eleven years old, the girl here is a little under four feet tall and constructed of willowy proportions. Her face is very thin with sharp features, high cheekbones and thin lips. Her dull, emerald eyes are a bit too large for her face and almond- shaped. Her skin tone is slightly olive, though generally pale in appearance, and is decorated frequently with tiny freckles. Her hair is only a shade or two lighter than true black, and it falls to nearly her waist. Her bangs have been cut to just above her eyebrows, and are slightly curled under so they don't fall into her eyes.

Theme Songs
Nine Inch Nails -- Reptile
V.A.S.T. -- Pretty When You Cry