Galanos Draconos

Name: Galanos Draconos (PC)

Posts Held: Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher, Former Leader of the Order of the Dragon, Order of Merlin, First Class (For his apparent defeat of Dread Lord Kaliath, though there's speculation Dread Lord Kaliath's death was an accident)

Blood Status: Pure Blood

House When Attending Hogwarts: Slytherin

Physical Characteristics: A raven-haired and green-eyed young man, who is well known for his odd dress style and these wicked looking spurs on his boots. Despite his smugness, he never actually smirks.

Personality: Regarded by his peers as a brilliant wizard, it is well known that he was once the head of a Dark Wizard cabal, which causes there to be some dislike between Abraham and himself. He often mocks his students, but the Headmaster claims that Galanos "gives his students the criticism they need to become truly great".

Quidditch: None