Game Rules

Firstly, welcome and/or welcome back to HP:AR!

(This list, like all the other rules, is subject to addition without notice. Please make sure you are up to date on all the rules. I'm going to keep them all posted in the same place so that it is easier to accomplish.)

1. Credits -Harry Potter and the Wizarding World are property of JK Rowling and NOT the creators of this game. Any changes made to cannon are for this game only and do not reflect the staff's liking of the literature. We DO NOT take credit for anything that was intellectually divined by the writer.

The game itself (code base, grid, systems, etc.) are property of Don, the Administrator. No descriptions, help files, systems, etc. should be copied and reused without his permission. The donation from Builders and Staff become his property when they are implemented.

2. Consent -
By applying for a character of HP:AR, the staff assumes that you are 18+ years of age and/or have permission from a parent. We take no responsibility for adult situations and language. While adult situations and language will obviously be slim in character (IC), all out of character (OOC) is considered rated 'R'.

3. Harassment -Harassment is defined as follows: To irritate or torment persistently (Webster Dictionary)
ANY actions that you are asked to cease and do not will be up for Staff to decide if it is harassment or not. Generally, the staff will say it is harassment. This, of course, ranges from situation to situation but harassment ANY KIND will NOT be tolerated at HP:AR. If issues arise, please e-mail the staff at moc.liamg|ytilaerrehtonaph#moc.liamg|ytilaerrehtonaph, or speak to one of us via request channel.

4. Cheating and Favoritism -This section will be very short. Cheating and favoritism of ANY FORM OR STYLE will NOT be tolerated and can lead to your IP being banned and your character(s) being wiped.

5. Respect -
When in doubt: Always follow the Golden Rule. This includes ALL interactions with players, guests and staff alike. PLEASE do not argue with staff. They have put many hours into this game to make it fun for players, and it not only causes stress, it's disrespectful over-all.

6. Sexual & Adult Content -
There is absoultely NO reason for there to be any sexual content in your scenes. As of now, students are between the ages of 10-12 years old, and it is unacceptable to roleplay them committing any sexual acts.