Girls Room Prank

Girl's Washroom
This washroom is well maintained and even has a pleasant scent to it. Various washroom appliances are in this room and it is very comfortable for a washroom. Girls are about usually not using the area for its entended purpose. Chit chat and gossip are common place here, and it is often a good place to pick up the latest juicy gossip.
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north - Along the Fifth Floor Hallway
[Siobhan] A willowy and very pretty young teen with long red hair is looking happy to be back [App: 3]

Late in the afternoon, the girls room sees regular traffic come in and out through its doors including Siobhan and Ria who just stepped out of their charms class. "I swear, I just can't seem to get it down," the Hufflepuff says waving around her wand in a particular motion. "I end up getting this green sludgy color instead of the pink color that's supposed to come out. I think I'm magically retarded." She makes her way past a group of giggly Slytherin second years walking out, some who scoff at the pair, particularly at Siobhan for hanging with the badger.

Siobhan gives the younger girls "a look" and the scoffing at least becomes subdued where it doesn't disappear entirely. The redhead smiles a little inside and turns her attention back to the taller girl. "I'm thinkin' ya're keeping yer arm too tight," she offers, her brogue a little thinner than it was 2 years previous, and more charmingly melodical. "If'n ya don't relax ya miss the flick at the end. It's almost a snap, a little sharp." She makes her way to a mirror and absently gives herself a once-over, also a little more careful about her appearance than she was in those early days.

Ria listens on to Siobhan's advice, imitating her instruction by loosening her arm and snapping at the end of her sweeping motion. "I think that was a little better than before. I still gotta work on it though. I don't know, something about this wand … it doesn't trust me or maybe I don't trust it," she frowns, placing it back into her satchel and heading into a stall. She smirks however, behind the door and calls the girl out as she looks in the mirror. "You seem fussy lately, impressing anyone in particular?" she jokes as she pulls her skirt down.

Siobhan looks at herself in the mirror, and the frown that creases her face. "No…" she says as she considers the question. "Mary, no," she says more firmly with a shake of her head as she turns away from the sink. "I played the fool once, I'll not be shamin' myself over a boy ever again. I'm just trying ta keep myself lookin' neat, they're the fools if they think it's for them." The last she says a little bitterly.

Ria hmms as she goes about her business saying, "There's a little bite to that bark Sio." She pulls at the roll of toilet paper to prep for the next step. "It doesn't matter though, you look as beautiful as ever. It's good that you're doing it for yourself," she nods. BOOM BOOM BANG WHIZZZ! Sounds of explosion come from a couple stalls around her, shaking the porcelain and wooden structures in the bathroom. "Bloody hell!" Ria yells from inside her stall. Screams from four or five other girls join in the chorus of loud noises as purple smoke and green dust fills the air covering all inside the room. But what what really takes the cake are the putrid, ghastly fumes that emerge. The scents are rather ambiguous but there are traces of rotten eggs, garbage and strange body fluids in them.

Siobhan turns around to reply, but when the ruckus comes she's so surprised it's not until it's over that she thinks to reach for her wand. And then she's too busy covering her mouth with her robe. She's not the only person heading for the door, but where most are running out she work on propping it open. "Was that done by anyone in here?" she tries to ask without breathing.

Ria's charms spell works fairly well, having the desired effect.
Spell Type: charms, Difficulty Used: 6.
Note: Casting a spell not in your spells list needs to be cast at double difficulty.

Ria's door stall opens with a slam and out she runs clutching to her falling skirt, which she didn't have the chance to get fully up. "Merlin's beard!" she says using one hand to cover her mouth as she coughs and gags from the fumes. "Who the hell knows? let's get out of here?" she wheezes, covered in green powder. "Lumos," and a light goes on at the end of her wand that is in the hand that is trying to protect her breathing pathways. Using her wand, she maneuvers her way out of the bathroom and into the hallways.

Along the Fifth Floor Hallway
The broad stones of the floor have been smoothed and sanded nearly to perfection, minimizing the chance that students will trip on a jutting bit of rock. The thick grey stones also cover the walls, generating echoes whenever people traverse their length. Tall windows provide light during the day, while torches illuminate the way after dark.
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north - Boys Washroom
east - Wizard Card Collector's Room
south - Girl's Washroom
west - Along the Fifth Floor Hallway

Siobhan has arrived.

Siobhan exits right behind the other girl, still covering her mouth as she stays near the door to help the others escape, all the while trying to get a look down the hallway and keep and ear out for anyone who seems to be taking a little too much pleasure in the situation. Plus it probably won't be too long before a teacher shows up demanding answers… "You'll be wantin' to adjust, Ria Sykes," she urges under her breath as more people start to gather.

Ria is certainly not looking pleased. In fact, her expression screams bloody murder as she pulls her skirt fully up and starts to adjust herself. "Yes, yes I know," she says in a snippy tone but with no malice toward Siobhan. And the bathroom door opens once more letting out a pair of two Hufflepuff 'girls' who have strangely deep-voiced giggles. They jet down the hallway way too fast for anyone to catch them, their wigs poorly secured and falling off their heads. And before anyone knows it, they're out of sight around the corner. "Those cads!" she scowls wiping off the green dust that covers both her and Siobhan. Interestingly, the powder also seems to have an onion/garlic smell to it and it mixes with the sulfuric, garbage-smell that seeps out from the girl's bathroom along with purple smoke. It looks like there's been an explosive stink bomb that's been let out in the girl's lavatory.

Siobhan looks like she took less of it than many, but still extremely displeased. And a displeased Siobhan is not anything anyone really wants to be around. "Get yer arses back here ya feck-knackered nagglin's!" she bellows after the running boys, her hand tightening on her wand without a clear shot. "Quick, they'll be trailin' dust," she says to Ria as she starts down the hallway, loosing some herself. "Tell'm we're after th' houligans," she calls out in general as she starts off.

"I'm gonna have some badger heads on a platter!" A voice roars out from girls bathroom just a moment after the door swings close. Ripping it wide open, Autumn doesn't stop to see the crowd that's starting to gather. By the look of it… or rather /smell/ of it, the Gryffindor had been inside and gotten the full blow of the bomb. Her entire uniform is covered in green dust, not to mention just about every other part of the girl. Turning sharply down the hallway she's right on Siobhan's heels, "Don't you dare, O'Shea. Their hides are MINE!"

Ria's charms spell works fairly well, having the desired effect.
Spell Type: charms, Difficulty Used: 3.
Note: Casting a spell not in your spells list needs to be cast at double difficulty.

Ria almost gags again as the last girl makes her way out, carrying the heft of the stink on her. "Autumn? You were in there?" she says with surprise, but with a tinge of fear when the lioness has been let out. The crowd surrounding the badger, lion, and snake look on in disgust and shock when Ria runs after her friends, "Wait guys! Guys wait I'm coming!" She clutching at her skirt again, which was falling again since it was never properly put into place. But she does leave her own trail of smell and powder as she speeds down the hall. "Knox," she says turning the light off on her wand.

Siobhan may have the wits to follow the trail, but she is not a fast person. Completely running like a girl she is going to be easily overtaken by the sporty Autumn. "I saw'm take the next right, we'll have ta be findin' the trail after that!" she yells at them as she tries to catch site of traces on her way. She slows for a moment as she puts her wand away, then manages to pick up her pace a little more.

Indeed, Autumn takes off like a bat out of hell, nearly pushing aside a group on second years with very wide eyes. Unlike Siobahn her wand is still firmly in her hand. If she /doesn't/ calm down over the next few seconds she'll start with whatever spell comes to the top of her head first. "Do you know them, Ria?" She asks suddenly, having heard the girl yell behind her a moment before.

Ria's darkarts spell works…. but it is very very weak..
Spell Type: darkarts, Difficulty Used: 6.
Note: Casting a spell not in your spells list needs to be cast at double difficulty.

But Ria can also keep up, speeding her pace to jet past Siobhan and make her way to Autumn's side. However, she lets the Gryffindor do most of the plowing. "Like hell I do," she says to the girl. "I honestly don't even think they were girls. I mean they had wigs on for god's sake!" However, according to Siobhan's observation, she takes the next right catching a glimpse of two boys wearing girl's uniforms and pulling off dusty, smelly robes in one dark corner of the hall. "There they are! Get 'em!" she says fully sprinting now. "Textus!" she says, but because darkarts isn't her forte, it lets out a lame collection of stick web-like material.

Siobhan waves them on as they both shoot past her, clutching at her side as she loses steam. "Get'm…" she manages as she watches them round the corner.

Autumn's darkarts spell works…. but it is very very weak..
Spell Type: darkarts, Difficulty Used: 4.

In not her brightest moment, Autumn blinks in confusion. "Wait… they're /boys?!/." With a feral yell she lunges forward and shouts, "Vomica!" It would have been a grand cast, worthy of song- if she hadn't found that very moment to trip over a pair of untied shoelaces. The spells goes awry and barely touches ether of the two. Curses she no doubt learned from Ria follow as she picks herself up.

Ria's charms spell works…. but it is very very weak..
Spell Type: charms, Difficulty Used: 4.
Note: Casting a spell not in your spells list needs to be cast at double difficulty.

Ria skids her shoes on the floor in an attempt to come to a sudden halt so that she could properly brace herself from Autumn's rageful vomica. But when nothing happens she looks over at the girl who seems to have stumbled. In which case she lets out her own slew of curses that match with the Gryffindor's. Bad influence indeed. And the two cross dressers manage to get away with a snicker, sprinting in a complete different direction. After sighing in resignation and frustration she walks over to Autumn, holding a hand out to help the girl up. "It was a might good try I'd say," she says. "We still stink though…literally."

Autumn's charms spell works…. but it is very very weak..
Spell Type: charms, Difficulty Used: 10.

With a sigh, Autumn accepts the hand. It seems that her rage is all but spent, and she gives nothing more than a ruge guesture to the back to the boys as they sprint off. "Scougify." She mumbles, poiting her wand at Ria. Her trusty wand which up until now could do no wrong with Charms work doesn't seem up to the task this time around, "Not you too! Argh, I'm gonna have to burn my entire uniform at this rate."