All Homework lessons will be recorded below, along with the due date and email to send your work to.

1) Please note that homework is a way for you to gain House Points for your House and Experience for your character.

2) Homework is available to all students within the allotted time frame. (Teachers decide if you have to have attended the class associated with the homework. This means you may be able to gain house points and experience even if you missed class.)

3) Teachers are allowed to assign homework at will, during any class. The person who assigns the homework is responsible for grading and assigning rewards.

4) No student will be penalized for not completing the homework. (We know you have real lives too.)

5) You DO NOT have to have a spell in your spell list to participate in homework. Homework and class time are the only two exceptions to the rule.

Being Graded on a Spell for Homework —-

You must attend Studyhall with a Professor, cast the spell for them, and they will give you a grade.

You then copy/paste your Cast Result & Professor Given Grade and send it to whichever Professor is organizing the Homework.