Family Wise

Gary Wise (NPC, Ministry Dragon research and restraint)
Ann Bubblemouth-Wise (NPC, Ministry Dragon research and restraint)
Jordan Wise (PC Hogwarts Student)


Favorite Classes:
Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Charms, Flying, Potions

Jordan's description

Jordan is the name, a young male who looks in his preteens. He's five feet, a little short, but strong. This boy has a skinny build with tan skin from being outside all the time, but once winter comes he turns pale from not being outside all the time due to the lack of warmth. His hair is short sandy blonde that can't be combed down or contained for that matter. His eyes are ocean blue color. He wears glasses that are a little small. He has a nose is little, but a cute nose at that. He prefers the summer over any other season because just likes read under the tree his yard.


Gary Wise and Ann Bubblemouth-Wise was a pretty happy married couple, as the time went along they decided to settle down and raise children. Before the settling down began Gary and Ann traveled all across the world starting in France and then going southeast to Egypt. After the explorations of Egypt, which Gary and Ann both loved and found the pyramids to be quite inventive. They decided to explore China, Japan, and Russia as well. Gary and Ann found that they were missing something in both of their lives and found it was a child, with visiting the so called “Dracula's” palace and home of the vampires in Romania. Gary and Ann went back to Wales, where they were living on a dragon reservation before they decided to travel around Europe and Asia.
The work Gary did before leaving for a little bit (for 2-3 years, which wasn't a little bit) was training dragons. Gary loved working with the Welsh green dragons, which he found that they were just like scaly dogs to him. One day while after returning from their travels, Gary was training dragons; a Welsh green that had come in wasn't very cooperative with any of the other trainers, so Gary went to take a look. He found that the other trainer didn't recognize it wasn't a Welsh green, but a Hungarian horned-tail dragon. As Gary nudged closer to the dragon; in response the dragon decided to spray his dragon's breath. Gary quickly sprang out of the way, which only just burned a few hairs off his head of brown hair. After a couple of months he finally got used to the horned-tail, and could manage him. After that incident he decided that they should have children and he would stay home with the children. With Gary staying home it was up to Ann to make the ends meet. She was a very odd witch while reserved, did her work very diligently and very prompt with every assignment. She also works in the Ministry of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures the Department of Dragon Research and Restraint Bureau. She is the most caring person to the creatures that you ever did meet. She is one of the top people in the world to take care of the creatures and do research of dragons.
After becoming pregnant with their first child Ann took a month off to stay home with the baby, which they named Jordan. He was such a cute baby and never wanted him to leave their sights. Once a little older Jordan began showing his magical aptitude about the age of seven, his parents were so proud of him and the only thing that Jordan wanted to do is play with the dragons near his house. At the tender age of eleven, he received his letter to Hogwarts and his parents were elated for their child going to Hogwarts where they went. As the Jordan Wise got sorted by the sorting hat, which he received Slytherin robes.

Things known about him since school started

He has a inclination to use a Incendio spell about every "duel" that is in, if he gets mad enough when he is "dueling" the other person. He likes to pick on Gryffindors and people that are not apart of the Slytherin house.