Lacy Jae is one of two players hailing from Calgary, Canada. She's a perpetual student whether in school or not, an artist in pretty much any way she can possibly find, and excessively flail-y about anything that remotely interests her - which is everything. She is known for constantly wounding herself (which really makes you wonder why she's majoring in Jewellery and Metals, of all things), being a giant klutz, being overly medicated and sleepy, graphic tees (usually of Dr Who), and tackle-hugs of greeting.

A self-proclaimed giant geek, she loves gaming of all sorts, a crap-ton of eclectic music selections, anything to do with silversmithing, travel, photography, dancing badly at the club, singing horribly pretty much anywhere, comic books, zombies, supervillains, and her scooter. Her latest geekout was jailbreaking her iphone to play GLaDOS-voiced sayings whenever she does anything, and she fails every time she uses the damned thing.

LJ plays Vetiver and Cassiopeia, and dragged her RL best friend on to play Vardah with her.

(Please ignore her messy art room/jewellery studio and the 3-in-1 oil behind her. It's totally for art-related purposes. Really.)