NAME: Linduin Salarious Firriat

Jeremy Firriat - Father (slytherin)
Patricia Firriat - Mother (Ravenclaw)
Geoffry Firriat - Brother (Slytherin)
Terrance Firriat- Brother (Slytherin)


HOUSE: Slytherin

YEAR: 1st


Standing about five feet with short semi-curly brown hair, is a young boy that appears to be ten years in age. The boy though small has a decent build for his age.
The boy has deep mysterious brown eyes that seem to take in everything in their surroundings. With his button noes, and tanned skin, the boy has his own air of mystery about him.


Linduin was born to a pureblood family of Witches and Wizards, and his family is known amoungst the Wizarding World. His mother was a Ravenclaw and his father a Slytherin. Both his brothers are graduated from Hogwarts, but both were Slytherin. Linduin is a nice kid, but he can have his temper. He loved to pull pranks on other houses, though Ravenclaw is not on his list, for his mother was a Ravenclaw. Though, most Purebloods are against the Muggle-born, Linduin's mother is known to be friends with many, even though his father does not agree. Linduin follows in his mothers footsteps when it comes to this. (IF YOU WISH TO KNOW MORE, GET OFF YOUR LAZY BUTT AND ROLEPLAY!)

The Story so far:
Year One: Linduin was sorted into Slytherin just like his brothers and father's side of the family, which continues on the legacy, though brings tears to his mother. Linduin likes and does well at most of his classes. He loves Defense class and does decent. Though he is not too good at Transfiguration, he still likes the class. Linduin does well with his charms and is doing well in the class. Linduin does not like Herbology and tries to do anything to be out of the class or just not pay attention too much. Flying is one of his favorites, and can't wait to be able to play Quidditch. Linduin has also found a girl that he likes in his first year at Hogwarts and that is Emelissa Smith, and even took her to their first dance. Linduin already has gotten into some trouble, with his fellow Slytherin's by searching the dungeons and releasing a Dementor, and probably will get into some more trouble.