Name: Luciende Korish


Family: Mother- Serah Korish

Father- Gregori Korish

Blood: Pure Blood

House: Slytherin

Year: 1

Description: A tall young boy is this one, standing at about six feet tall. His face, however, is very boyish, which gives away his age. His skin is pale as fresh-fallen snow, and his hair is a radiant gold that reflects the sun when he is outside. His eyes are the deep blue of the oceans depths.

Bio: Luciende was born to a long line of pure-blooded magicians. His mother and father, both steeped in the dark arts, taught him from a young age their skills. They also taught him a strict code of honor, and that with power comes responsibility. The also taught him the basics of transfiguration, potions, flying and defensive magic. He was taught letters at a young age as well, as well as an unusual skill: swordfighting. He is, as such, alert to people around him and his general environs. His parents were attempting to prepare him for his entrance into Hogwartz.

Though young, Luciende is very intelligent and conscientious. He has a deep care for people in general, and loves to help out where ever he can. Though he is generally kind, he bears no tolerance for attacks of any type against his friends, though he will take any hits directed towards himself. Luciende loves to read and study, and learn whatever he can.

IC Happenings: Luciende has met Emelissa. The two had a conversation in which they introduced themselves and went on to talk about the powers of blood. Just recently, a meeting between Luciende, Luke, Vetiver and Emelissa started. More to come!