Myron Dupre

Myron Dupré

Age: 13

House: Ravenclaw

Year: 3


Mother: Lita Dupré née Carrow (Ministry Security)
Father: Soren Dupré (Ministry Security)
Uncle: Hannibal Dupré (Works Abroad)

Myron is a small, scrawny teen of about 14 years. He has a sickly, wan look about him, clearly not someone who often goes out in the sun. His eyes, behind a thick lensed pair of black-rimmed glasses, are a cold blue, and usually look a little sullen, while his longish, unkempt hair is a dark shade of brown.

Known For:
Being a typical Ravenclaw book nerd, especially interested in Charms and Arithmancy. Having a black rat that he calls Euclid, named after some mathematician. Being afraid of quite a few things, like flying and especially germs and getting dirty. He's apparently also sickly and dependent on some sort of medicinal potion to stay in school.

The Gossip Mill:
He's rumored to have helped save a boy's life during the summer before third year, while on a camping trip at Ria's. To have come from nobility. And being interested in Legilimency, having unwittingly managed it as a child.

The Story So Far: