Penelope Victoria Candee


School year: Third

Age: 14

House: Hufflepuff

Magical Heritage: Half-Blood


Victor Candee Esq. - Father and sole owner of the Candee Publishing Empire
Candice Candee - Mother and former "Page 13 Witch"
Hortence Candee - Younger bastard half-brother produced from some "fling" of her fathers.


Known for:

  • THE source for gossip and scandal

Latest gossip (about her):

The Story So Far:

All info OOC unless discovered through RP/rumors/"Society Pages"

Penelope Victoria Candee has the honor of being the soul heir (What bastard little brother? He doesn't count!) to the Candee Publishing Empire, much to the joy of all those around her. Born into money, bred for the spotlight, and a socialite at heart Penny is always her own life of the party.

Victor Candee took over the company from his father, who got it from his father, who built it up from a one room affair selling magical "penny-dreadfuls" in the 1800's. Since then the Candee Publishing name has been known for its gossip-mongering, questionable ethics, "Page 13 Witches," and fanciful blend of fact and dramatic speculation. Candice Candee was one of the more successful failed actresses to ever grace Page 13. Their daughter is a chip off the old block.

Penny was raised to flow through society, and even at her young age has had some of the best private tutors (whom she generally has failed to learn much from). She already stands to inherit a bank account that rivals several third-world countries and so that lack of motivation has colored most of her endeavors. Save for gossip, in that she is queen of her own realm.