Regina Lynn Grayson

Age: 11

House: Gryffindor

Year: First

George Grayson (Father, Laborer)
Kathy Grayson (Mother, Housewife)
Heather Elise Grayson (Younger Sister)

Regina is a fairly small young girl. Standing around 4'9", she's of slight build. Her hair is long, trailing down to her midback, and is golden blonde in color. Her eyes are small and a deep blue, usually hidden behind her floppy bangs. Around her nose area are a smattering of freckles, mostly clumped together. Her arms and legs are of medium length for a girl her age, though she does possess a pair of especially sharp elbows.

Known For:

  • Being extremely quiet and unassuming. Not very social.
  • Sleeping. A lot.
  • Causing various "colorful" incidents in Transfiguration lessons.

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