Aria Calliope Sykes

Age: 13

House: Hufflepuff

Blood Status: Pure-Blood

Year: First


  • Father: Craig Sykes (Businessman - Slytherin)
  • Mother: Perdita Sykes (Part-time Accountant / Stay at Home Mother - Gryffindor)
  • Older Brother: Jeremy Sykes (Hogwarts Student - Gryffindor)
  • Younger Brother: Grant Sykes

Ria is a young girl with olive-toned skin and a lean but slightly athletic frame that stands at about 5 feet 4 inches. Slight feminine curves indicate that she's on her way to womanhood. Her honey-colored locks fall in soft, whispy waves about her head falling just past her shoulder blades. They give her a summery aura despite whatever season the world may be in. Thick brown lashes surround her strikingly large hazel eyes which sit under arched brows. Her olive complexion is dotted with freckles around
her nose and a dimple accents each cheek.

Known For:
-Is extremely friendly, accommodating and forgiving, almost ignorantly so.
-Has a strong sense of adventure and likes to sneak into places she's not supposed to be in.
-Can be seen dueling at times, though she's terrible at it.
-Some individuals attest that she's a lot less dumber than she may seem.
-Is usually the one to break up fights
-Her notes aren't well-taken and almost /always/ has moving doodles on them.

The Gossip Mill:
-Helped break up a fight between Penny and Aya, an event she was later questioned over by Siobhan.
-In the gym, a few people caught a glimpse of her panties when she was flipendo'd by Morlok during a practice duel.
-Made Aya cry a bit, when she and Caim looked a little too friendly while having a food fight.
-Attended the Sadie Hawkins dance with Morlok.
-Some girls claimed to see her telling Vetiver and Penny that she was dying in the girl's lavatory.
-Watched over Siobhan during the events of the Bradley Cooper incident and sustained a head injury.
-She and Autumn were seen helping out the Care of Magical Creature professor on a weekly basis. Extra credit for a class they hadn't started yet?
-Hosted a summer camping trip before the start of 3rd year at her place. Myron, Fiona, and Autumn helped her brother before he nearly drowned in the lake. Ria doesn't seem to talk about it much with anyone.

The Story So Far:
Ria was raised in a fairly happy wizarding home, with a mother who was mostly home and a businessman father. Because she lives in the countryside, grew up in a fairly small house but with a lot of land. So she's accustomed to being out of doors and active. Because her parents did not have time to personally educate their children, they send them to muggle school before going off to Hogwarts. There they gain a thorough knowledge of the muggle culture. Though the Sykes' live in Devon, they often take a Port Key into London to do shopping and other things. Those who have seen Perdita and Craig Sykes can attest that they are very young, good-looking parents.
When Ria finally joined her older brother at Hogwarts, she was sorted into Hufflepuff, which surprised no one. But in her first year alone, she's starting to learn about how things really work in the world.