- Game takes place in 1992

- 1 year IC is roughly 3 months OOC

- Vacations will be handled as needed by staff in order to plan the upcoming year/semester. If you do have to be away from Hogwarts ICly, there will be other places to RP.

- This is NOT entirely cannon. The code is original and so is the system, and we have and will alter the world as needed to continue good RP.


On behalf of the staff, we'd like to welcome everyone interested in our game to the new forums! Our game is still in creation stages, though we hope to be open in the next 2 weeks for player and character applications.

Until then, we'd like to generate as much interest as possible.

First and foremost I want to state that this is a ROLEPLAY MU*.

You will not find mobs or the like here. That being said, we do have several systems in place to magnify quality of roleplay including point based score sheets, talent ratings, random wand generation and global roleplaying events.

The setting of the mud is set in 1992 currently, and is in another reality to that of the books. Lord Voldemort, Harry Potter, Dumbledore etc. did not, and will not exist in this timeline.

We believe in /player driven/ roleplay and plotlines. What this means is you will not see our Storytellers forcing you into plots and situations, flexible roleplay and broad plots on a curve are our focus. This allows plotlines to develop according to the actions of the PCs.

If you are a first time player, you will need to create a 3rd year student. It is our goal to see the population develop together and forge real IC friendships. As you accumulate RPP (Roleplay Points), you will be allowed to create alt characters in the form of; older students, adults, teachers.


Unique Wand System: When you receive your wand (randomly chosen) it will affect how well you can cast certain spells. Some woods/cores will be beneficial to one type, while negative to another. With 25 Woods and 20 Cores Wands will be genuinely unique to the player, and give them individual benefits.

Easy Casting System: Casting spells during roleplay is now easier than ever. The cast command has been implemented to make scenes much more interactive with magic. Your skill in certain areas will show in this, as well as your wand's strength in that area.

Realplay Quidditch: Accompanied with roleplaying quidditch is a actual command based system. This will aid in realistic roleplay, and will allow players who invest in physical strengths to really show their stuff on the pitch.

Huge Hogwarts: Hogwarts has been mapped out as close as we could to the books to allow a diverse atmosphere for roleplaying and exploring. Players will be able to grow and interact in a large number of areas and may even find more come to life as they get older.

Great Roleplay: This is what we're all about, and everything above has been done for. Storytellers will be doing their best to interact with you all on a global and personal level. Roleplay will exist for every character at the personal, house, and global level.

Hogwarts Grid:

About 200 rooms right now, the Hogwarts Grid is set up in the closest match to the castle as is available in this medium. This includes riddle passworded entrances to the house common rooms and a WHOLE LOT of custom descriptions.

The Castle grid does not include the Grounds. This is another 60 room area that is available for exploration! The Quidditch Pitch is a zone onto itself, available for Quidditch games both with pure roleplay, a custom quidditch code, and a mix of both!

A full Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, and Hogwart's Express are also full zones!!!