Siobhan Moira Aoife O'Shea


Pronounced: shih-BVAN MOY-ra EE-fa oh-SHAY

School year: Third

Age: 14

House: Slytherin

Magical Heritage: Muggle-Born

Family: (Coming soon)

Dad - Father
Mom - Mother
Bro1 - Older Brother
Bro2 - Older Brother
Bro3 - Older Brother
Bro4 - Older Brother
Bro5 - Older Brother
Bro6 - Older Brother


An almost dangerously waifish girl, Siobhan stands tall at nearly five feet of height and looks like she'd only weigh more than 5 stone if she were wearing wool in the rain. Thin and flat from her feet to her eyes, her stick-like silhouette explodes outward in a messy tangle of voluminous red curls that fall wet to her waist, but tend to circle around her in all directions when dry. Surprisingly sharp blue eyes lurk beneath the rose-colored mess, perched above a slightly upturned nose and a thin, sharply set mouth.

Known for:

  • Extremely thick "backwoods" Irish accent.
  • Very long and nearly unmanageable red hair.
  • Generally independent within Slytherin circles.
  • Surprisingly religious for a witch/wizard

Latest gossip:

  • Went to 1st year Winter "Sockhop" with Lucien Tepes (Slytherin)
  • Has been seen lately having it out in public with Sophia Knightly (Slytherin)
  • Came back front 1st year holiday break looking much cuter.
  • Had a somewhat public breakup with said Lucien shortly before Sadie Hawkins V-day dance.
  • Had a run-in with a Dementor in the incident surrounding Bradley Cooper's death, also helped convince his father to let the apparently undead boy go. Has been a more confident girl ever since.

The Story So Far:

All info OOC unless discovered through RP/rumors

Siobhan Moira Aoife O'Shea started from about as inauspicious a background as any young witch could. Born in the deep fens of Cork to a peat farmer and a laundress; in the fine Catholic tradition she was the youngest of 7 children, all the rest of whom were boys. Always a somewhat small child, she shied away from the roughhousing of her older brothers and instead was doted on as the homemaker to be by her mother. Having hoped for 6 girls and maybe a boy, her ma was a rigorous taskmaster who would put up with nothing and was determined that her daughter would know how to mend and sew like nobody's business.

She was home schooled at first, her basic education in domesticity, the bible, and household math was enough to please her parents, but at 8 when she started making the 20 mile journey to a parochial school she quickly learned that along with more genuinely academic subjects she also discovered that prejudice and hypocrisy were on the lesson docket.

Raised by socially awkward parents in a poor house had not prepared the precocious girl for the ridicule of the outside world, however growing up with older brothers had taught her to fight back as cunningly as possible. She became a model student, not always getting A's, but always polite and respectful to her teachers; always the least blameworthy, innocent, godly slip of a girl. It paid off in spades as she gave the worst of her terrorizers enough rope to hang themselves in front of the teachers, occasionally goading them into action when adult backs were turned.

Her plan was flawless, save for one slight problem. She was used to the comments about her "dirt-farmer" father, they'd been done and done to death - to the point where that emotional wound had long since scarred over, but her mother was another matter. The mortifying part, that day in the locker room, hadn't been so much that the girls called her mother a whore, it was that she was completely unfamiliar with the term, and so along with the jeers they had to explain it to her, going so far as to start throwing money at her. Her vision had gone as red as her hair, and then the lockers exploded into a typhoon of gym socks and track shorts.

It was less than a week later she was called into Sister Porter's office to meet a representative of a school for "special needs children"…