Siobhan O'Connor

Born in an unspecified location in the American South-East, Siobhan spent most of her teen years slowly working her way to the West Coast where she has remained as a liberated and modern young woman since rounding 18. She is almost entirely self-educated and works as a receptionist and office-schlep while trying to slowly turn her GED into a Bachelors of Something-or-other-as-yet-to-be-determined.

She was first introduced to MU*'s by a girlfriend in 2008 and stuck with them long after realizing they were more interesting than the person she was dating at the time. She tends to haunt smaller, newer games such as HP:AR, and has served as building/descing staff for a couple now-defunct MUSH's [whose closures had nothing to do with her work. Really.].

She currently plays two characters on HP:AR: Siobhan [she was being lazy] O'Shea and Penny Candee.

She is also currently serving as the game's token lesbian.