House: Gryffindor

Status: Muggle-Born

Age: 11 years old

Family: Min

Bae Min- Mother and a muggle elementary school teacher (Kindergarten, NPC)
Du Ho Min- Father and a muggle CEO of a Toy company (NPC)


Soo Min name means "Excellence" and "Cleverness" in Korean. Soo stands about four foot three, with black with a line of dark red in part of her hair that is closet to her eyes. This little Korean has a little smile that will just make you smile along with her. Her eyes have a emerald green hue, even though she wear square glasses to see.

Known Background:

Soo Min was born in Chicago, Illinois in the United States to the parents of Bae Min and Du Ho Min. They were extremely happy that they were actually have a baby because they had been trying have so long they were about to give up, even though the doctor said that she was a little older to be having children at that age. Her parents were both muggles and Bae was an elementary school teacher teaching kindergarten, while Du Ho Min was a CEO of a toy company working his way up from the bottom.
Soo was brought up as a girl that is suppose to achieve greatness in academics. When she was little is learned to play the violin at five years old, while in a muggle kindergarten music class. She was utterly horrible to start with, but her parents forced her to keep practicing after school, when she wasn't doing the homework that was assigned that day. When she got her abilities at the age of seven, her parents were both scared and didn't know what to think of their little girl being special. The acts that happen to have her parents thinking was she was special were that her violin was playing in her room and she was eating dinner with her parents.

Things known about her since school has started:

She has a crush on a Hufflepuff named Sean Blizzard that is also from America. She can be seen with him in class, sitting by him, and talking to him. Another thing is that she like dancing to a rhythm of music and plays violin in the Astronomy classroom sometimes in the when it is daylight out and maybe before a class at night, so that she will be on time for it.