Who I AM And Where I Come From

Stephen (LEFT) was born, breed and still resides in the town of Blackburn, which is in the county of lancashire, thats in england by the way.

What I Do And What I Have Done

I have recently finnished my A-level Studies at colege and am currently Unemployed (so if you have a job in england i'll take it) I have applied to join the navy and am on an eighteen month waiting list to get in.

Some 'Interesting'' Things About Me
My Favorite books: Discowlrd Series By Terry Pratchett
My Favorite Film: Currently New Moon (will Become Breaking Dawn Part 1 when it comes out)
My Favorite Food: Pizza
Relationship Status: engaged
Beleifs: Kinda Agnostic

My History of RP and Muds

I starded playing muds 2 years ago, and my first ever mud was Discworld which is based on a series of books by terry pratchett. it's only in the past 6 months i have really moved more to RP based Muds as my general muds, but my main mud is still Discworld.

HP:AR Character