Character's Full Name Here

Age: 11, or whatever.

House: House

Year: Year

Existing family goes here. Parents, siblings, and anyone important to the character. Include house if a Hogwarts student, job if adult, etc. - This is PUBLIC In-Character info.
Mother: Narcissa Malfoy
Father: Lucius Malfoy (Ministry of Magic Official)

Your character description and any additional physical details you'd like to include (such as what kind of clothes they like to wear when not in Hogwarts robes, etc.)

Known For:
Any additional information, such as a crazy accent (American, or Siobhan's super thick Irish accent, etc.), or house animosity, or whatever.

The Gossip Mill:
Anything people may notice about your character.
Who they went to a dance with, who they spend the most time with, embarrassing things happening in class, etc.

The Story So Far:
This is your PUBLIC background and updates. Things that anyone could know via rumors, research, IC chatting, etc. Don't put anything in here that could not be discovered (for example I wouldn't put anything about being a Death Eater except for rumors of it).
Add on major events that happen IC, like getting a Howler for failing Potions, or a trip to the hospital wing, etc.