Test Page

Cast <SpellType> <Difficulty #>

Casting Rules

Spells not listed on your Spells command are Double Difficulty Casts.
(Example: Casting a 1st Year Spell you don't know should be 6 diff.)
Exceptions**: ST Run Classes & One (1) Cast on Homework.)

Nonverbal spells

ALL nonverbal spells raise your difficulty by six (+6)

Spell Type must be modified for those 2 word groups.

Spell Type by Group Cast Command Syntax
Charms cast charms
Transfiguration cast transfiguration
Dark Arts cast darkarts
Defense Magic cast defmagic

Difficulty is based on the ranking of spell by school year.

School Year Difficulty School Year Difficulty School Year Difficulty
First (Y1) 3 Second (Y2) 4 Third (Y3) 5
Fourth (Y4) 6 Fifth (Y5) 7 Sixth (Y6) 8