Thalia Charis

Posts Held:
Charms Teacher
Head of Hufflepuff House

Blood Status: Half-Blood

House When Attending Hogwarts: Hufflepuff

Physical Characteristics: An average height woman with dark brown, shoulder length hair, hazel eyes and an olive completion. She wears black robes with yellow accents and can often be seen wearing a Hufflepuff scarf in the winter.

Personality: Easy going and fun loving, but serious about learning. She's a true Hufflepuff and proud of it. Loyal, hard working fair minded and honest to a fault, she has strong views against anti-Muggle tendencies, racism and Pure-Blood Mania.

Quidditch: Hufflepuff Chaser - years 2-7, Holyhead Harpies Reserve - 2 years, Holyhead Harpies Chaser - 1 year