Tomas Kiloren

Tomas Kiloren

Age: 26

House: Ravenclaw

Year: Faculty

Muggle-born. His mother was a teacher, and his father a janitor.

He is roughly two meters tall, and slight in build. His hair is always kept up to the latest fashions, and his complexion looks fakely even. Impeccably neat, and orderly. An exceptionally flamboyant dresser, perhaps a layover from the late eighties.

Known For:
Always wearing an Ascot. Treats the books in his library often better than the actual students. Not particuarly cruel or kind, to any particular school, but difficult to manipulate, and responds quickly to any threat to "his" books. When asked to grade an attempt, or any activity, he is as likely to test theoretical, and book knowledge of a spell, as the practical application.

The Gossip Mill:
New to the staff at Hogwarts. Joined on during the Christmas Break.

The Story So Far: