Name: Vetiver Wildesmith

Age: 11

House: Gryffindor

Vardah - twin sister (Hufflepuff, PC)
Asphodel - mother (Healer)
Nathaniel - father (Potions Master for Ministry)


Standing just over four and a half feet tall, Vetiver is a fresh-faced young lady with vivid deep blue eyes and a ready smile. Her forehead and cheeks are densely covered with freckles that compliment her thick auburn hair, which lightens to a sunnier shade at the tips below her shoulders. She usually has a scrape on one cheek or her forehead, skinned knees, and ink-stained fingers. She generally seems pretty happy and calm, and usually smells of smoke and woods.

Vetiver and her twin sister, Vardah, come from what once was a Pure Blood family, but has become more recently somewhat mixed. The two remain part of the Pureblooded line, though they have many mixed cousins. Their mother is a Healer in the town near their manor, and their father refines and works on developing new potions for the Ministry.

Vetiver is a firecracker. She's impulsive and adventurous, friendly and silly, and usually getting into some sort of trouble. She's a tomboy, and usually has a number of minor cuts and scrapes worn as a badge of pride rather than healed away.

The Story So Far:
Hogwarts: Year One:
Vetiver is, for the first time, away from her twin sister. She was sorted into Gryffindor, which really wasn't a surprise to anyone who has ever spent more than two minutes with her, but it's still an adjustment.

She is extremely proud of her wand, which has a core of basilisk skin, extremely rare due to the dangers of working with it. She was told that most wand makers won't touch basilisk skin, so to have one is quite a point of pride for her.

So far, she seems to be really quite good at Dark Arts, and really horrible at Potions. She hasn't spoken of a lot of her other skills or lack thereof. She does, however, plan to be on the Gryffindor Quidditch Team!

The Gossip Mill
Vetiver seems pretty friendly to everyone so far, and happy in the company of her housemates.
Outside of her house, she's seen most often in the company of her Hufflepuff sister Vardah, and a few Slytherins, namely Morlok and Lucien. In fact, she seems to spend as much time with snakes as lions. Additionally, it seems she broke up the snake couple of Siobhan and Lucien and went to the Valentine's Day dance with the latter.. though little seems to have come of it.

It's rumored that she was involved with the whole Bradley Cooper thing, as the only Gryffindor, and antagonized a crazy house elf. Arguments with Vardah contain phrases such as "He threw a fireball at my head!" and "You shouldn't have antagonized him!!" quite often.

She has been known to sneak about past curfew, but so far has avoided being caught.